downtown ep

by bobby blunders

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The downtown ep, like all of bobby’s work investigates absence and abundance, isolation and intimacy, longing and communion. More particularly, the downtown ep is about a quiet life in a loud city. It is an attempt at poetry more tied to rhythm than to words.

This ep encapsulates the 1st few months of 2013. I was living alone for the first time, surrounded by more noise and more movement, and having more neighbors than in any previous living situation.

This batch of songs and vignettes were a response to this new environment, particularly with regard to its effects on my creative processes and recording methodology.

I realized quickly upon working on what would become ‘downtown #1’ that I had to alter my production techniques to make it a quieter affair. This would result in recording direct (without amplification) guitar and hushed vocals, as well as greater reliance on keyboards and programmed drums.

In March of 2013, when a second vignette materialized sharing a similar vibe to ‘downtown #1’, I decided, merely as an exercise, to make a series of pieces in the first few months of this new situation using a similar toolkit. I would not try to massage these tracks into conventional arrangements, caring instead only that they worked on impressionistic and rhythmic levels. I would put them in a chronological collection and release it a short time later (though, it has now been admittedly quite some time) with little or no fanfare.

Further, because I had just finished making a maximalist album, taking a couple years to record (and many more to write), involving many players and collaborators, and requiring a constant supply of resources; the downtown ep was deliberately to be a smaller-scaled affair. I was eager to revisit my days of home-recording, which required almost no budget or coordination.

In my experience, the best way to experience this collection is on foot or bicycle with headphones.


released January 1, 2016

all songs written, arranged, performed, and produced by Jesse Carzello



all rights reserved


bobby blunders Long Beach, California

bobby blunders started as a home recording project of Jesse Carzello (Free Moral Agents) in 2006. bobby blunders is now a live ensemble bringing their engaging, ecstatic experience to adventurous audiences everywhere and anywhere. The current band features vocalists Tiffany Davy and Pastor AJ Freeman, guitarist Michael J. Salter.
Stand by to keep up with the unfolding mystery of bobby blunders.
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Track Name: downtown #2
trust me
the story’s in the song
it’s about getting over

yes, we are arriving
yes, we are arriving
yes, we are arriving right now

I’m finally starting to feel it
I’m finally starting to feel it
Sing it ‘til I feel it when I don’t

parlor tricks and sleight of hand
whatever we can to get us there
to get us there
get us there now
Track Name: downtown #3
what must I do to get close to you again
where must I go to get close to you again
what must I do to get close to you again
where must I go to get close to you again
how do I know if this is the real thing
how do I know if this is the real thing
the heart is the fool either way
the heart is the fool

what must I do…
where must I go…
when I get back to you
I’ll no longer go astray
I know these pledges don’t
compel you either way

I’m so taken with you
While you could take or leave this all

So hung up on you
It seems you’ve got no hang-ups at all
Track Name: downtown #4
I often think back to when we first met
seemed like there wasn’t anybody else around
I’d like to feel that way again sometime
though I know I don’t fall so easily now

but times are good
the days fly by
i've no complaints
but fascination's fleeting

where are you
And are you gone for good
Or just over the horizon?

I often think back to when we first met
how I’d always hang onto every word that you would say

when you, you showed me
how to circumvent myself

i profess my adoration
in tireless repetition
hoping that it's heard and remembered

calling out again and again
again and again
Track Name: downtown #5
quiet life in the loud, loud city
hidden life in this busy, busy city
I’m dancing alone
I’m dancing before god

Don’t let me forget
How sweet it is
That we dance at all

(I’m) dancing with friends
And then sometimes with strangers

Let us rejoice
That we dance at all

turn the music up loud
try to drown it all out

turn the down the lights
and make the most of this night

looking out my window on the world
with the strange comfort of anonymity

all alone in the city
is perfectly fine
at least most of the time